Modern performance, safety and convenience with classic looks …. The best of both worlds.


Cruise: 104 KIAS (120mph)
Range with 30-min reserve: 364/538nm**
Stall speed: 42 KIAS
Rate of climb: 800fpm

*actual empty weight varies with options
**with optional high capacity fuel system

Wingspan 29’4”
Wing Area 147.5 ft2
Length 18’8”
Empty weight (baseline): 770 lbs*
Max gross: 1320 lbs
Useful Load: 550 lbs*
Fuel capacity: 24 gal/34 gal**
Flying Circus Aircraft Company introduces a new SLSA with a familiar look and feel... A side-by-side, two-seat aircraft with traditional construction offering proven durability, strength and reparability… not to mention undeniable character!
We’ve added modern analysis, materials and components to a classic design concept.  The result is an aircraft with modern reliability, performance and convenience with unmistakably classic lines.

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